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DM JP to English set files & FAQ question/advice

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DM JP to English set files & FAQ question/advice

Post by sentrionic on 15.07.15 6:15

hi dear card translation users,
i don't know if this is talked already or you don't need another source, but if you want more than dm-13 to dm-15 card tr. files and/or FAQ support with jp. sourced Q&A support, please consider to check the respective subforum section at DM Global forum. for quite some time we were able to get (and archive!) the official FAQ/Q&A to some cards with help from a jp. skilled user (named Ryoma i guess, omg so long time ago). of course nowadays players have that gigantic wiki website but maybe my community-era with Ryoma still offers valuable support material.

sorry, if i posted a useless comment or in wrong thread;-)


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Re: DM JP to English set files & FAQ question/advice

Post by ELTP on 17.07.15 1:32

This is useful information and there are lots of stuff that is absent from DM Finland that can be find on DM Global.

I miss the times Ryoma Echizen was still active. Sucha an epic guy!

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