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Myydään 310kpl DM-kortteja. Muutamia huonokuntoisia ja kuluneita mutta enemmistö kuväkuntoisia.

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Myydään 310kpl DM-kortteja. Muutamia huonokuntoisia ja kuluneita mutta enemmistö kuväkuntoisia.

Post by JerryCotton on 17.08.16 0:59

Tarjoa Yw Ja voin laittaa myös kuvia.  Banana

Bliss Totem, Avatar Of Luck x 3 (Promoja)
Garabon, The Gilder
Scowling Tomato x 2
Poisonous Dahlia x 2
Feather Horn, The Tracker
Three-Eyed Dragonfly x 3
Faerie Life x 4
Uncanny Turnip x 4
Coiling Vines x 2
Senia, Orchard Avenger x 5
Fear Fang x 2
Steel Smasher x 3
Sniper Mosquito x 3
Adventure Boar x 3
Bronze-Arm Tribe
Cannon Shell x 3
World Tree, Root Of Life x 2
Stinger Horn, The Delver
Dome Shell
Dimension Gate x 2
Mystic Inscription
Rainbow Stone x 2
Bakkra Horn, The Silent
Radioactive Horn, The Strange
Poisonous Mushroom
Rainbow Gate
Dawn Giant
Fortess Shell
Aurora Of Reversal
Bloodwing Mantis
Carrier Shell
Ultimate Force x 3
Legacy Shell
Solid Horn
Popple, Flowerpetal Dancer x 2
Sword Of Benevolent Life
Aura Blast
Silver Fist
Ancient Horn, The Watcher
Slumber Shell x 2
Masked Pomegarnate x 2
Pangaea's Song x 2
Red-Eye Scorpion
Brood Shell
Ambush Scorpion
Raging Dash-Horn
Roar Oh The Earth
Mana Crisis
Leaping Tornado Horn
Tri-Horn Shepherd
Wingeye Moth
Rumbling Terahorn
Exploding Cactus
Mighty Bandit, Ace Of Thieves
Fruit Of Eternity

Baby Zoppe x 3
Gandaval's Stapler x 3
Galsaur x 2
Deadly Fighter Barid Claw
Fatal Attacker Horvath
Bombat, General Of Speed
Muramasa, Duke Of Blades
Engineer Kipo x 3
Fire Sweeper Burning Hellion x 2
Aerodactyl Kooza x 3
Armored Cannon Balbaro x 3
Blasto, Explosive Soldier x 2
Gigio's Hammer
Onslaugther Triceps
Immortal Baron, Vorg
Missile Solider Ultimo
Mini Titan Gett
Dogarn, The Marauder

Water tyypit:
Crystal Lancer x 3(1 Promo Melko huonossa kunnossa)
Battery Cluster x 3
Aqua Solider
Hunter Cluster
Recon Operation x 2
Cloned Spiral
Buoyant Blowfish
Brain Serum
Impossible Tunnel
Illusionary Merfolk
Keeper Of The Sunlit Abyss
Hypersquid Walter
Riptide Charger x 2
Spiral Gate x 2
Aqua Hulcus
Aqua Guard x 3
Kelp Gandle
Steam Star
Steel-Turret Cluster
Solidskin Fish
Miracle Quest
Funky Wizard
Aqua Shooter
Candy Drop
Eureka Charger

Multi tyypit:
Buzz Betocchi
Spectral Horn Glitalis

Light tyypit:
Holy Awe (Promo) Ihan ******** hyvä kortti, Harmi että on huonossa kunnossa
Szubs Kin, Twilight Guardian
Raza Vega, Thurnder Guardian
La Ura Giga, Sky Guardian
Frei, Vizier Of Air x 2
Bex, The Oracle
Fonch, The Oracle x 3
Magris, Vizier Of Magnetism x 3
Senatine Jade Tree x 3
Larba Geer, The Immaculate x 5:D
Le Quist, The Oracle
Fu Reil, Seeker Of Storms x 2
Amber Grass x 3
Logic Cube x 2
Bingole, The Explorer x 4
Belmol, The Explorer x 3
Ur Pale, Seeker Of Sunlight
Milieus, The Daystretcher x 2
Whisking Whirliwind x 3
Emerald Grass
Pharzi, The Oracle
Bulgluf, The Spydroid
Vuluk, The Oracle
Adomis, The Oracle
Tulk, The Oracle
Kolon, The Oracle
Solar Ray x 2
Lightning Grass
Rom, Vizier of Tendrils
Iocant, The Oracle
Lena, Vizier of Brilliance x 2
Sonic Wing
Gulan Rias, Speed Guardian
Kanesill, The Explorer
Sarius, Vizier of Suppression
Iere, Vizier Of Bullets
Aless, The Oracle
Boomerang Comet
Vess, The Oracle
Thunder Net
Tra Rion, Penumbra Guardian
Sparkle Flower x 2
Unfied Resistance

Dark Tyypit:
Gigastand x 4
Vacuum Gel
Dream Pirate, Shadow of Theft
Dedreen, The Hidden Corrupter
Baraga, Blade Of Gloom
Purple Piercer x 3
Gregorian Worm x 4
Spinal Parasite
Horned Mutant
Writhing Bone Ghoul
Gezary, Undercover Doll x 4
Lost soul
Proclamation Of Death
Hang Worm, Fetid Larva x 2
Death Smoke x 5
Necrodragon Giland
Shadow Moon, Cursed Shade x 3
Hourglass Mutant x 2
Bloody Squito
Ghost Touch x 4
Bone Assassin, The Ripper x 2
Horrid Worm x 3
Darkpact x 2
Skeleton Solider, The Defiled
Jewel Spider
Tyrant Worm
Mummy Wrap, Shadow of Fatigue
Dimension Splitter x 2
Stinger Worm
Benzo, The Hidden Fury
Dark Raven, Shadow Of Grief
Swamp Worm x 3
Bone Priercer x 2
Masked Horror, Shadow of Scorn
Dark Reversal
Scalpel Spider

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Re: Myydään 310kpl DM-kortteja. Muutamia huonokuntoisia ja kuluneita mutta enemmistö kuväkuntoisia.

Post by Sademasokisti on 17.08.16 1:30

Olisin kiinnostunut tuosta soulswapista ja laitoin sinulle yksityisviestiä~

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Re: Myydään 310kpl DM-kortteja. Muutamia huonokuntoisia ja kuluneita mutta enemmistö kuväkuntoisia.

Post by Zach Hartigan on 17.08.16 4:46

Sama juttu. Yksi enää minulta puuttuu...

Your Eyes are like a space. So bright and deep. I just want to drown in to em'...

Zach Hartigan

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